My work is ranging in 1943 invent depositions and a load of paintings two by two stacked to the cieling piles of art. I make art. •Artist - with defining skills of all arts including painting, music, and writing. with a focus on the digital medium in progress. expert 22 years (Official end of Artistry ship in March of 2008) reinstated artistyhood as of Friday, May 15, 2009•Counsel Services - well known for providing consultation and insight as well as other things such as design and ethics advisements. from every thing like cars and debit cards to should I questions and radical concept proposals.•Inventor - all areas including Technology, business management, government, information structure, and chemicals, expert 25 years experience in not blowing up the world, I began inventing at the age of ten years old. About the Author Cri-one aka Chris Brown Correct Pronunciation and the Etymology-My name is a pseudonym that refers to my graffiti days. I admit that I was very rebellious and dumb. That time has passed but to my friends I am still CRI-ONE. Time goes by and there is a slang for names and to generalize on the east coast we will just say that to put a "R" on the last part of your name is "BOSS" and I am Boss ladies and gentlemen. The name comes from Kuri, which is Japanese for Chestnut. A friend from Governors Honors gifted me the name when I was at Valdosta State College. So, the slang for Kuri is Cri which is pronounced KREE. But Kuri is pronounced Ku - re.

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